Retail Theft

01Sep 2018

It’s The Season For Stealing at Local Malls Among the various theft offenses, retail theft is the most common in Pennsylvania. In Montgomery County, the incidence of retail theft at the King of Prussia Mall, and other prominent malls such the Plymouth Meeting Mall and the Montgomery Mall increases particularly as the holiday season approaches. […]

30Nov 2012

Shoplifting, also known as the crime of “retail theft”, is prevalent through every area of Montgomery, Chester, Delaware and Bucks Counties that has a demographic that mixes a a lot of young people and/or lower socio-economic population with a high concentration of retail shopping.  Examples are King of Prussia, Limerick, Bensalem, Suburban Square in Ardmore, […]

07Oct 2012
2011 vs 2012 Retail Theft

Montgomery County is home to a booming commerce industry with high concentration of retailers in King Of Prussia, Limerick, Bala Cynwyd, and Ardmore.  Consequently, Pennsylvania is always among the leaders in retail theft arrests and prosecutions. 2011 was no different.   According to a survey conducted by Jack L. Hayes International of 24 of the […]

02Sep 2012
Theft in Montgomery Country PA

In The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, a first offense for retail theft when the value of the merchandise taken is over $150.00 is graded as a misdemeanor.  If the value of the stuff is under $150.00 its a summary offense (a ticket).  Clear enough, right?  Not so fast.  It is the term “value of merchandise” that […]

12Jun 2012
Bala Cynwyd Lord and Taylor Retail Theft

Police arrested two people, Brandon Braxton,19, of Philadelphia, and Ashley Jones, 23,  of Drexel Hill, on May 30, 2012, and charged them with Retail Theft for trying to walk out of the Lord & Taylor in Bala Cynwyd with about $1,559.00 worth of merchandise.  According to police, the two were running a scam where Jones […]

21May 2012
Montgomery County Courthouse

Most often, a defendant’s first chance to test the evidence the Commonwealth has against them when they have been arrested for a crime is at the Preliminary Hearing.  This is true for drug charges and offenses, DUI, assaults, and the vast array of criminal charges in Pennsylvania that are charged as misdemeanors or felonies.  As […]

26Dec 2011
Retail Theft in PA

I’ve been dealing with the crime of retail theft as an attorney for almost twenty years and during  this time the  law has changed more than most other statutes that are on the books. Not only has the law changed, but the procedure in which police departments deal with Retail Theft offenses across the Commonwealth […]