Pennsylvania Robbery Theft AttorneyRobbery and burglary offenses are serious crimes of theft. Robbery or burglary is a theft crime with the additional element of force. Often times, defendants are overcharged where the “force” is fabricated by police officers. At The Law Offices of Basil D. Beck III, I have extensive experience handling complex criminal matters and challenging cases involving robbery and burglary. With substantial experience handling cases in Norristown and throughout Pennsylvania, I can effectively defend your rights and minimize penalties in your case.

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Strategic Investigations to Protect Your Rights

Robbery and burglary cases are highly fact specific. They require a substantial amount of investigation and fact proving on both the side of the prosecution and defense. As your attorney, I will begin an immediate investigation into your case. I will collect and preserve evidence including video surveillance, witness statements, and any police reports in your case. I will also collaborate with experts and other professionals when necessary. At every stage, I will remain a staunch advocate focused on your rights and your defense.

I am experienced in cases involving:

Knowing Your Rights and Your Options After a Criminal Allegation

Depending on the facts of your case, I will seek to plea bargain to minimize your charges, defeat your charges in court, or minimize your sentence. As an experienced attorney, I know how to best protect your rights and take appropriate action in your case. I will always take every necessary step to protect your best interests. Throughout the duration of your case, you can trust that I will remain available to address any questions or concerns that you may have.

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