Montgomery County is home to a booming commerce industry with high concentration of retailers in King Of Prussia, Limerick, Bala Cynwyd, and Ardmore.  Consequently, Pennsylvania is always among the leaders in retail theft arrests and prosecutions. 2011 was no different.  

According to a survey conducted by Jack L. Hayes International of 24 of the leading retailers in the country, 2011 saw:

  • Over one million shoplifters and employees arrested nationwide
  • Over 161 million dollars recovered from them for as a result of retail theft committed in their stores
  • $11-$15 billion in lost annually

This survey also helped them put together the  infographic you see below!

2011 vs 2012 Retail Theft
Supercircuits – Video Security and Surveillance

As you can see retail theft prosecution is on the uptick and this causes the penalties to get stiffer all the time.

As a Pennsylvania retail theft lawyer, I have seen this surge in retail theft arrests in my own practice.  The larger retailers like Macy’s, Nordstrom’s, and the like, are putting more energy and manpower into stopping theft in their stores in order to salvage more income and cut expenses in a sagging economy.   A word to the wise:  If you or a loved one are caught stealing from a retail store, they are just not going to let you go.  The big chain stores feel like they have to send a message, hence the higher prosecution rates.

If you or a loved one have been charged with retail theft through Montgomery, Chester, Delaware and the other suburban counties around Philadelphia, contact an experienced criminal lawyer so you may avoid the blemish of a retail theft conviction on your criminal record.

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