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  • Are you facing a criminal assault or battery charge related to a disagreement with a family member, friend or neighbor In Montgomery County PA?
  • Were you arrested for assault or domestic abuse following a fight with your spouse or significant other?

In Montgomery County Pennsylvania, Criminal assault is a violent crime and you face serious penalties if you plead guilty or you are convicted of assault or battery. Pleading guilty to an assault charge won’t make the problem go away.

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I am Basil D. Beck III. As an experienced Montgomery County assault lawyer, I know how to defend you against assault charges and weapons crimes. If you hire me as your criminal assault attorney, I will work hard to protect your rights and freedom, and help you avoid making a difficult situation worse.

Montgomery County Assault Charges and Penalties

In Montgomery County, Assault charges are not restricted to persons who simply attack other people for little or no reason at all. In domestic disputes and school fights, a person who was not even responsible for starting the fight can be charged with assault. In cases where you were attacked by another driver with road rage, or you were punched by a drunken friend in a bar fight, you may have simply been defending yourself.

Since police often arrive after a fight has started or ended, angry spouses, girlfriends, or prejudiced onlookers can wrongly convince Montgomery County police to arrest you, even though you were not at fault.

In Pennsylvania, simple assault is a misdemeanor crime. The penalties for misdemeanor assault or battery range from up to 1 year in prison to up to 5 years in prison (for assault on a child younger than 12).

However, in Pennsylvania Aggravated assault and assault with a deadly weapon are felony crimes with penalties ranging from up to 10 years to up to 20 years in prison.

At the Law Office of Basil D. Beck, I work to find evidence which supports your innocence and creates reasonable doubt that you are guilty of assault or battery. As your Montgomery County assault lawyer, I meticulously review police reports and eyewitness statements. When necessary, I work with private investigators to determine what other people saw and locate evidence, which supports your version of the facts.

Fighting Allegations of Domestic Assault and Abuse in Montgomery County

When spouses or live-in couples have an argument, it’s not uncommon for a wife or girlfriend to call local police in order to have an unwelcome boyfriend or spouse removed from the home. To convince police to act, an angry spouse or girlfriend may claim she was hit or threatened.

Interested in diffusing potentially volatile situations, police rarely investigate assault allegations but simply remove the alleged abuser from the premises, only to have a judge sort out the matter later. When appropriate, my office will ask a spouse or girlfriend to recant their allegations and tell the truth. I will make it clear to them that you face serious criminal charges if they continue to erroneously claim that they were assaulted by you.

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