Driving without Insurance

Driving without Insurance

Driving Without Insurance Philadelphia Montgomery County PA Lawyer

  • Have you been arrested for driving without insurance or with insufficient insurance?
  • Were you involved in an accident and ticketed for failing to maintain liability insurance on your car?

If you are in trouble for driving uninsured, you owe it to yourself to find an experienced defense attorney to represent you. If PennDOT determines that you were an underinsured driver, or that you failed to maintain automobile liability insurance on your vehicle for 31 days or longer, you face serious consequences.

For aggressive defense against charges of failure to maintain insurance on your vehicle or for driving while uninsured, call me at 610-239-8870 or contact my law office. I can help you explore options for avoiding suspension of your driver’s license and other consequences.

I am Basil D. Beck III, an experienced Montgomery County, PA traffic defense lawyer. I know the traffic laws in Pennsylvania, the administrative rules of PennDOT. I use my knowledge and experience to help drivers protect their driving record, fight traffic-related offenses and regain their driving privileges after license suspension

Serious Consequences for Driving Without Insurance in Pennsylvania

In Pennsylvania, you face automatic suspension of your driver’s license and your vehicle registration for 3 months for failure to maintain insurance.

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