Drug Charges

New Jersey Marijuana in Pennsylvania

With NJ legalizing the sale of marijuana at specified dispensaries, people in Pennsylvania now have access to the neighboring state to buy weed for recreational purposes. The law in New Jersey says that visitors to the state who are at least 21 years old can legally buy marijuana in all forms. But, what happens when […]

Expert in recognizing drugs

As a Montgomery County DUI lawyer, I have always been baffled but the concept of what the Pennsylvania State Police call the “drug recognition expert” or “DRE”.  This is the cop that is “specially trained” to detect and ferret out those drivers that are driving the roads drunk or under the influence of drugs.   […]

PA Drug Possession lawyer

Nancy Schwartz, of West Chestnut Street in Pottstown, who had been charged with illegally filling prescriptions in Collegeville and New Hanover between January 2010 and January 2011, was sentenced to 5 years of Intermediate Punishment on Friday by Montgomery County Court of Common Pleas Judge William R. Carpenter after pleading guilty to Identity Theft, Forgery, […]

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