Pennsylvania Theft Shoplifting LawyerMost arrests and prosecutions involving theft depend on eyewitness testimony, fingerprints, and security camera video footage when shoplifting or stealing is involved. However, despite what police might tell you at the time of your arrest, the evidence involved can be questionable at best. Eyewitnesses often can’t be sure what they see at a distance or at night, video footage can be grainy or indistinct, and racial profiling can play a role in including or excluding suspects. At the Law Offices of Basil D. Beck, I not only investigate the evidence against my client, I critically examine police conduct. From the collection of fingerprints and how a crime scene is handled to whether or not a police interrogation crossed the line, I put the prosecution’s case on trial and keep them on the defensive.

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Theft and Shoplifting Charges

The law office of criminal defense attorney Basil D. Beck represents clients charged with the following theft-related crimes:

Avoid Talking to the Police until You have an Attorney

Since most arrests for theft do not occur during the actual theft or robbery itself, police are usually led to a suspect after talking to witnesses or recovering security camera footage. A search warrant for stolen items may be obtained and a search of the suspect’s apartment or home may take place. Regardless of what the police find or don’t find, once the police have decided to arrest you, it is best to say nothing until you have an attorney present who can protect your rights.

It is impossible to talk your way out of being arrested. What you tell police — giving them an alibi or claiming you were never near the scene of the crime — may contradict evidence they already have. Trying to talk your way out of being charged provides police with statements that can later be used against you to undermine your credibility at trial.

When Guilt is not in Question

In cases where someone is caught in the act or the evidence against them is overwhelming, it is still important to consult an experienced criminal defense theft lawyer. How a plea bargain is negotiated or how certain information about you is presented can determine whether the prosecution will reduce the charges against you or recommend a lesser sentence to the court. As your attorney, I serve as your defender and advocate, especially when the lack of a criminal record may help you get a second chance.

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