PA DUI Lawyer

PA DUI Lawyer

PA DUI Lawyer

You can hire a professional PA DUI lawyer when you turn to the experts at the Law Office of Basil D Beck III. Located on Airy Street in Norristown, across from the County Courthouse, Attorney Basil D Beck and his legal team have the knowledge and experience necessary to fight for your justice and bring your case to a successful close.

PA DUI Lawyer

DUI Lawyer in Montgomery County and Surrounding Areas

Attorney Basil Beck and his legal team from the Law Office of Basil Beck have handled plenty of DUI cases in PA for many years. The expertise in the law and their ability to win cases in your favor are what makes them one of the top DUI law firms in Montgomery County.

Before retaining another law firm for your DUI, ask yourself these important questions:

What is your Experience Level?

When it comes time to decide on a DUI lawyer, the process should be treated much the same as a job interview. This is one of the most important hires that you are ever going to make. If you do not inquire about the lawyer’s experience level, you could be left holding the bag for your entire case. Be sure to select a lawyer that is willing to provide you with a detailed explanation of their previous legal experience.

Do You Have a Winning Track Record?

There is nothing wrong with finding out more about your prospective PA DUI lawyer’s win/loss record. Asking direct questions of your prospective attorney during the consultation process is what allows to separate the best lawyers from the mediocre. Also, find out more about what your lawyer considers a victory; it might not be what you consider a victory. You may consider an acquittal to be the only victory you are interested in, while the lawyer may consider plea bargains to be victories too.

Can you assess my Case?

A quality lawyer should be able to look at the facts of your case and provide you with a prognosis to work with. While they cannot offer a sweeping prediction complete with guarantees, they can use their experience to let you know what to expect. If the case against you is rock solid, that lawyer should let you know. The same holds true for clients who have a case with a more optimistic outlook.

What Options Do I Have?

Experienced lawyers have seen the full spectrum of outcomes and should be able to draw on this experience to let you know more about all the options you have. In certain instances, they may decide that it is best for you to take the case to trial and attempt to beat it. In other instances, they may let you know that it is your best interests to take a plea bargain.

How Much Will This Cost?

A DUI lawyer is not going to be able to spit out an itemized bill on the spot, but they should be able to provide you a ballpark figure to work with. While some DUI lawyers are not willing to work without a sizable upfront payment, there are others who can work out a payment plan with their clients during the consultation process.

What’s Next?

Once you have been charged with DUI, pick up the phone and contact the Law Office of Basil Beck. Time is of the essence and the faster you call, the better your chances of receiving an outcome that you deem favorable.

Pa Dui Lawyer

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