Criminal Defense

Straw Purchase

Straw purchase is the act of buying a firearm on behalf of a third-party, who might not be eligible to buy a firearm themselves. It is considered a felony offense under Pennsylvania law as well as federal law.  How Does a Straw Purchase Work?  Under Pennsylvania law, individuals who want to buy a firearm can […]

Degrees of Assault

Assault is defined as the act of inflicting or attempting to inflict bodily harm on a person. Under Pennsylvania law, assault charges are broadly classified into two categories – simple assault and aggravated assault.  What is Considered Simple Assault in Pennsylvania?  In Pennsylvania, you can be charged with simple assault under the following circumstances. If […]

Social Media

If you are facing criminal charges in Philadelphia, it is almost always a prudent approach to avoid using social media while the case is in progress. What you post, share, comment on, or like online can make your situation worse than it already is. Reports show that police departments regularly track and monitor individuals on […]

Miranda Rights

The right to remain silent is one of the most fundamental rights guaranteed by the US Constitution. The Fifth Amendment of the Constitution contains a self-incrimination provision, which protects the rights of individuals facing criminal charges from being induced or forced into incriminating themselves.  If you are facing an arrest in Pennsylvania, it is important […]

Gun laws in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania’s gun laws are among the strictest in the country. The laws are particularly strict in Philadelphia, which is why it’s one of the most violent cities in the country according to criminologists and crime statistics. Nonetheless, laws need to be followed. Failing to comply with these laws can result in serious criminal charges, the […]

It’s The Season For Stealing at Local Malls Among the various theft offenses, retail theft is the most common in Pennsylvania. In Montgomery County, the incidence of retail theft at the King of Prussia Mall, and other prominent malls such the Plymouth Meeting Mall and the Montgomery Mall increases particularly as the holiday season approaches. […]

Disposition Hearing in Juvenile Court PA

What is a “Disposition Hearing” in Juvenile Court? Individuals who have not yet reached the adult age of 18 are considered juveniles in the state of Pennsylvania. At this age, young people sometimes make poor decisions that can result in criminal charges. When that happens, they need a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney to guide them […]