Drug Possession with Intent to Deliver

Montgomery County Possession with Intent

Have you been arrested for drug possession with intent to deliver in Montgomery County PA?

Do you suspect you are under investigation for drug dealing, drug smuggling or illegal drug trafficking in Montgomery County Pennsylvania?

If you’ve been charged, or you think you might be charged Montgomery County with “possession with intent to deliver”, I can help protect your rights, your freedom and your property. I am Basil D. Beck III and I have been a Montgomery County possession with intent to deliver attorney for many years.

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You may have been arrested for possession with intent to sell or distribute, even though there is no evidence that you intended to sell the drugs or that you delivered them to anyone in Montgomery County. Sometimes the police charge citizens with the crime of possession with intent to sell simply because the way the drug was packaged, or because of the presence of scales, baggies, drug pipes or other equipment and circumstances associated with drug distribution.

Protecting Your Rights and Freedom in Montgomery County Possession with Intent case

The “war on drugs” has turned into a war on people’s Constitutional rights. Police, prosecutors, and especially federal agents, now have more investigative reach than ever before. Montgomery County authorities can now conduct wiretaps, electronic surveillance, review a suspect’s computer activity, and monitor banking activity – if a court is convinced enough evidence exists to warrant doing so.

Whether you’re being investigated for drug possession or drug distribution or you have already been arrested on drug charges in Montgomery County Pennsylvania, I will work hard to protect your rights and achieve the best-possible outcome in your case.

A Drug Conviction Can Result in Seizure of Your Property and Loss of Your Pennsylvania Driver’s License

Under the federal RICO statute, authorities can seize any property or assets they believe are connected with the illegal narcotics activity on the part of the accused. I immediately challenge attempts on the part of authorities to seize your home, assets, or other property.

Under Pennsylvania’s statutes, certain drug crimes, including possession with intent to deliver, can result in the suspension of your driver’s license.

Considering Your Options — When a Plea Bargain is Necessary in a Montgomery County Possession with Intent Case

In cases where a conviction is all but certain, how you negotiate a plea bargain is crucial. While each case is different, one’s criminal record, age, situation in the community, and other factors can influence prosecutors to reduce the drug charges against you or agree to a lesser sentence.

As a Montgomery County possession with intent lawyer with years of experience working in and around the criminal courts system, I understand how to work with prosecutors in order to reduce my clients’ sentence or the severity of charges against them.

For experienced defense against drug possession with intent to deliver in Montgomery County, or other drug crimes, contact my Norristown law office.