Probation Violations

Montgomery County Probation Violations

Montgomery County Pennsylvania Probation Violation LawyerIf you or a family member has been accused of Montgomery County probation violations, hiring an experienced probation violations attorney can improve your chances of a favorable outcome. If you have questions regarding probation violations and how to resolve them, call 610-239-8870 or contact me today for a free and completely confidential evaluation.

I help you successfully deal with probation violation charges by either negotiating your release with the district attorney and your probation officer, or by aggressively defending you against the charges in a formal probation violation hearing.

I am Basil D. Beck III. As a Montgomery County Probation Violations attorney with years of experience and hundreds of courtroom appearances, my office can protect your rights if you have been charged with violating the terms of your probation. I understand how to approach the court, ask for leniency, and help you avoid additional legal complications.

If You Are In Jail for a Montgomery County Probation Violation, You Will Not Be Able to Post Bail or Bond

If you are accused of violating probation during your period of probation, your probation officer will likely place a detainer on you and make you sit in jail until you have a hearing. You will not be able to get out by posting bond. Probation violations are not bondable offenses.

You Need A Strong Advocate On Your Side

Since probation officers are often skeptical of the excuses they hear, it’s unlikely they will serve as an advocate for you in court. If you hire me to represent you in connection with a Montgomery County probation violation, I will use my considerable criminal defense experience to work with your P.O. for your release.

Types of Probation Violations in Montgomery County Pennsylvania

Loss of a job, failing a mandatory drug test or possessing a firearm can quickly result in a violation of the terms of your probation. Failure to report a probation violation can result in re-arrest and an appearance before a judge who may decide to overturn your parole or probation.

Violations of the terms of your probation can involve any number of actions that are against the conditions of your probation, including:

  • New arrest
  • Failure to report to your probation officer
  • Drug possession or use
  • Absconding supervision
  • Positive blood, urine or breath tests
  • Failure to pay fines and costs
  • Failure to notify probation officer of new job or new address
  • Keeping company with known felons
  • Drinking alcohol or patronizing a bar or liquor store
  • Failing a mandatory drug test
  • Purchase of a gun or possession of a firearm
  • Loss of employment
  • Use of a computer, if restricted

Protecting Your Rights and Interests: Dealing with Your Probation Officer

In my experience, probation officers and judges aren’t interested in excuses. If you try to talk your way out of going back to jail by claiming you are innocent or not to blame, you’ll likely end up facing a judge and jail time. However, in cases where a qualified Montgomery County Probation Violation attorney is involved, presenting a well-prepared case to a probation officer and the court can make a difference.

As your lawyer, I work hard to keep you out of jail while exploring other sentencing options when available. Depending on the circumstances surrounding your probation violations case, I may be able to convince the court to drop the charges against you in exchange for more-thorough supervision and increased communication between you and your probation officer or the court.