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The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PENNDOT) issues 6 month drivers’ license suspension notices to all parties cited with involvement in a drag racing, illegal street racing, or racing on highways, or other reckless driving. You do not have to be driving in a street race in to lose your license. Spectators, even innocent bystanders, watching an illegal street race can receive administrative license suspensions from the state. Courts in The Philadelphia area are becoming more and more vigilant in cracking down on those who they believe to be “street racers”.

Six month loss of license for drag racing violations

Car Drag Racing Philadelphia LawyerAt The Law Offices Of Basil D. Beck III, I represent drivers and other people who have received suspension notices due to drag racing violations. It is my belief that portions of this law are unconstitutional. My Norristown law office is committed to providing vigorous defense for drivers in criminal and administrative license suspension matters.

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I offer free initial consultations for drivers who want to contest license suspensions in the Philadelphia metro area. As a sole practitioner I offer personalized legal services for drivers who depend on their license to provide for themselves and their families. I am highly accessible to answer questions and respond to the legal needs of my clients. I handle PENNDOT suspensions involving:

If you have received a PENNDOT suspension letter for your involvement in illegal street racing or racing in highways in Philadelphia, call an attorney immediately.

My Norristown law office focuses on administrative drivers’ license suspensions in all 5 counties of the Philadelphia metro area. Contact a Pennsylvania drivers license suspension lawyer.