Shoplifting, also known as the crime of “retail theft”, is prevalent through every area of Montgomery, Chester, Delaware and Bucks Counties that has a demographic that mixes a a lot of young people and/or lower socio-economic population with a high concentration of retail shopping.  Examples are King of Prussia, Limerick, Bensalem, Suburban Square in Ardmore, City Line Avenue, and, curiously enough, Whitpain Townsip.  Whitpain Township is home to the affluent Blue Bell, Pa. and Kohl’s Department store.

As a Pennsylvania retail theft lawyer, I have noticed over the last few years an increasing amount of people being arrested for retail theft at the Kohls in the Whitpain Township Shopping Center.  KohlsLet me tell you, whatever security is doing over in that place, they should be given a raise based on the amount of tickets and criminal complaints for shoplifting that come out of there.  When I represent a person at the Blue Bell District Justice Court, which has jurisdiction over crimes committed in Kohls, I always encounter a store detective that is vigilant in preventing theft in their store.  Curiously though, I often find these same detectives more accommodating to people that I represent than store detectives from other stores in other towns and counties. Consequently, I have been able to obtain many favorable results for clients that have been given a citation or complaint for stealing from Kohls.

Long story short –  Be aware that Kohls, as with a lot of other stores also, really look out for shoplifters.  One should think twice before trying to pilfer something from their shelves.  But when that person finds themselves in Court, with a Whitpain shoplifting attorney by their side, they should know that they have at least a fighter’s chance of making things come out ok.  Happy Holidays.


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