Weapons Charges

Weapons Charges

Montgomery County PA Weapons Arrest AttorneyIn many cases a weapons and firearms offense, alleged offenders simply need an attorney to investigate and identify their defense. You may have not known that your registry expired, or that you were carrying a concealed weapon. Police officers or law enforcement officials may have violated your rights when searching or seizing a weapon in your possession. At The Law Offices of Basil D. Beck III, I know how to investigate serious weapons offense cases and offer experienced, result-driven advocacy to minimize your charges and penalties.

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Weapons Used to Commit a Crime: Aggravated Offenses

Where a weapon is used to commit another crime or if you are in possession of a gun at the time of a crime, you could face severe and lasting penalties. These aggravated offenses add “enhancement” to your sentence. Possession of a handgun at the time of a crime will have a significant effect on your sentence. Carrying a weapon while committing a drug crime, sex crime, or assault could result in a severe prison sentence. You need an experienced advocate who can minimize your charge and your sentence.

I am experienced in weapons offenses cases involving:

Mandatory Sentencing in Weapons Cases

A weapons and firearms offense can carry severe penalties including mandatory sentencing and jail time. If you have been charged or you are under investigation for a weapons offense, it is important to take action to protect your rights. As your attorney, I will begin an immediate investigation to identify every potential defense in your case. I know the law, the court system, and when your case can be plea-bargained. I also know when to take a case to trial. At every stage, I will be an aggressive advocate on your behalf to minimize penalties or charges in your case.

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