Selling Marijuana is illegalYes, even though its not real marijuana, its still illegal to sell it.  This was the message driven home to Rafie Ali, 34, and Mohammed Himed, 25, by District Justice Edward Kropp, Sr. at their preliminary hearings yesterday.  Both men are from Pottstown and have been charged with Possession with Intent to Deliver Drugs as well as Corrupt Organizations charges.

It is alleged that the two men were engaged in a business that “conducts or participates in the sale” and dispensing of unlawful drugs.  Ali is the owner, and Himed his employee, of the Achi Store at 315 East High Street in Pottstown and the criminal complaint charges that the two men sold the fake marijuana out of the store.   The synthetic marijuana, also known as K2, was alleged to have been in the system of Roger Tracy Malloy, 27, the driver during a May 21 crash on State Street that killed two people.   Malloy has been charged with homicide by vehicle and other related charges as a result of the accident.

As a Montgomery County Drug Charges Lawyer,  I deal in drug possession as well possession with intent to deliver charges. The police report in this case states that when the police searched Ali’s store, they recovered an amount of K2 and a handgun. Not good. In this case, when you have the gun so closely to the drugs, the two men could be facing mandatory sentences of around 10 years upon conviction.  Possessing drugs = bad.  Possessing drugs + weapon = real bad.

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