License Suspension

30Apr 2017
License Suspension in PA

Very often I have a client come into my office with a suspended driver’s license.  Armed with their driving record and restoration requirements letter they tell me that, while they have been suspended, they have not gotten any credit for serving their suspension.   This client needs credit because they need to serve their suspension […]

14Oct 2016
Alternative DUI Sentencing - ARD in PA

“ARD” is an acronym for Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition and it is a diversionary program for mostly those that have charged with DUI but also may be used for those charged with other crimes as well.  Here’s how it works:  After the defendant’ preliminary hearing the defendant will fill out an application to be considered for admission […]

13Apr 2013

PennDot allows for first time DUI offenders who have been suspended for a year to receive a probationary driver’s license that allows them to drive for purposes of getting to work, going to school, and for seeking medical treatment.  A PA drivers license lawyer can obtain one for his client in relatively short order if […]

19Jan 2013
License Suspension in PA

I’m a Montgomery County Drivers License Lawyer.  Helping people avoid suspension or assisting them in getting them restored is one of the things I do.  I like to do it because I know how crippling not having a drivers license can be.  Truth be told, most people’s licenses are suspended for really stupid reasons.  Not […]