Brooks and Scott - DRUG DEALING 101The Montgomery County DA’s Office charged two men Monday, Timothy Brooks and Neil Scott, with running a sophisticated drug ring aimed at supplying drugs to Main Line High Schools such as Harriton, Lower Merion, Conestoga, and Radnor.   In the burst of shock and anger the next couple of days will bring lets be clear about one thing:  The detestable nature of the product these guys dealt was the product of cool, clear, sophisticated minds that took the entrepreneurial spirit into one of the most dangerous directions imaginable.

Here is how they think it all worked:  Brooks and Scott, graduates of  Haverford Prep, would hire Main Line high school kids they knew though their jobs as local youth lacrosse coaches.  They developed and groomed these kids to be distributors of marijuana, hash oil, coke and ecstasy and to have them go to their respective schools and sell the drugs with the proceeds going back to Brooks and Scott.  The kids they hired would also get a cut of what they sold – sort of a “profit sharing” or “incentive” program – to help facilitate a free flow of drugs throughout main line area high schools.   In legitimate businesses the above practices have shown to produce more loyalty among employees and in turn a stronger sense of purpose for them to make sure the business does well – and all of that translates into more profit for owners – in this case Brooks and Scott.   Thats organization.

Make no mistake that as well a business as these guys purportedly ran the business was selling poison to kids.  The DA’s Office during one seizure recovered eight pounds of weed, 23 grams of coke, over $11,000 dollars…oh…and a loaded AR -15 assault rifle, a loaded 9mm pistol, along with plenty of ammo for each weapon.   As admirable as their capitalistic acumen is or may have been, at this point, it looks like the only thing Brooks and Scott will be dealing in anytime soon will be cigarettes in a state correctional facility – and for a very long time.

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