DUI Probationary LicensePennDot allows for first time DUI offenders who have been suspended for a year to receive a probationary driver’s license that allows them to drive for purposes of getting to work, going to school, and for seeking medical treatment.  A PA drivers license lawyer can obtain one for his client in relatively short order if this is part of the lawyer’s practice.  Its a great service to the driver and it allows them t resume their lives after a dreadful mistake.  But can someone get a a probationary license for DUI a second time?

The answer is now “yes”.  Up until very recently, PennDot never gave drivers a second chance at a probationary license after a second DUI offense but now the Department has changed their stance and will now grant a second probationary license if the driver’s second offense comes more than ten (10) years after the first conviction.  This rule comports with Pa. law that says that, for purposes of determining whether one is a repeat DUI offender for sentencing purposes, a person is still guilty of just a first offense if any prior conviction for DUI occurred more than ten (10) years prior to the new DUI arrest.

So, if you are a driver that has a second DUI where the first one may have happened a long time ago, maybe when you were a kid, and now you have maybe incurred one later in life, this is pretty lucky for you.  You can still get that probationary license.  But be sure to contact a DUI lawyer to double check your eligibility.  It will be worth it.

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