21Oct 2014

Whether a DUI results in a felony or a misdemeanor charge in almost any area will often depend upon the exact situation. Not all DUI situations are created equal, and there is no uniform standard for them in most areas. People committing a DUI will usually have their blood alcohol content examined immediately, which can make […]

07Oct 2014

Upon being charged with driving while intoxicated, you want to feel confident Pennsylvania DUI lawyers win in court. Whether or not your attorney is going to arrive at a desirable outcome for you is going to be based on many factors, circumstances, and particulars of the case. Of course, you do want the best possible […]

23Sep 2014

Being charged with a DUI in the state of Pennsylvania is taken very seriously, especially when it comes to habitual offenders. Not only could a driver lose their driver’s license, but a person driving under the influence could spend time in jail and be ordered to pay some pretty hefty fines. Each time a person […]

09Sep 2014

If you are under the age of 21 in the State of Pennsylvania, being convicted of Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol (DUI) is a serious offense that could have several ramifications that could leave a lasting impression on your life. Permanent Record DUI convictions when you are considered a minor in the State of […]

08Sep 2014

In 2014 the Montgomery County Court of Common Pleas decided to take all the DUIs that occur in the county and set aside one courtroom, one judge, and one set of district attorneys to handle each and every case to their conclusion. This post is for those who have gotten a DUI and who want […]