3 DUI Facts You May Not Have Known

Ads a public service, and to heighten awareness about DUI in Montgomery County PA and the surrounding areas,

Attorney General’s Office Picks Up Kerns Case

After the Montgomery County District Office withdrew prosecution of their case against former Montgomery County Republican party chief Bob

Should The Eagles Trade DeSean Jackson?

As the NFL lurches closer to the NFL draft there are rumblings throughout Philly that the Eagles have been “fielding

Condoms In Canada

In another case of truth being stranger than fiction, last Friday the Canada Supreme Court upheld the conviction of man convicted of sexual

Arrest Me, I’m Irish

With St. Patty’s Day coming up on March 17, so will the time honored tradition of overflowing bars ( the irish call

But I Don’t Have A PA Driver’s License

As a PA drivers license lawyer I very often come across that client who will call me befuddled

Underage Drinking on a Whole New Level

Thursday, January 16, 2014, was undoubtedly a red letter day for enforcement of underage drinking violations. On that day,

A Rose By Any Other Name

When I talk to people about PA’s “drunk driving” statute, and especially when I field calls in my office, I

More Ignition Interlock, Please

Anybody who has had the experience of having the ignition interlock placed on their vehicle after their DUI suspension is over will

You Don’t Have To Do Field Sobriety Tests

In Pennsylvania when a motorist is pulled over, the cop will walk up to the car and investigate