Some people become famous because of their exceptional talent while others make their mark on history through political, military, or social activism. Other individuals become known for very different reasons. Some make it to national news because of the horrific crimes they commit or are at least accused of. Here is a look at the 7 most sinful and immoral criminal defense trials.

No matter the crime, America stands on the principle that everyone has the right to a fair trial. This means each accused party is entitled to a criminal defense lawyer. In fact, organizations like the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers have been established for this very reason. Finding a good defense attorney is not cheap, thankfully federal law states that everyone has the right to an attorney even if the accused party cannot afford to hire the best lawyers.

“Innocent until proven guilty.” Although cases still slip through the cracks and the system is far from perfect, using this principle in the court systems helps advocate justice for all. Without precautions based on this creed, there would be many innocent individuals incarcerated each year.

Defense attorneys often receive a bad reputation for standing up for criminals. However, the truth is that they are as crucial to maintaining justice and retribution as the prosecuting party. They too wish to see the innocent are protected and the guilty receive proper punishment- no more and no less.

This is a compilation of the most sinful criminal defense trials based on the seven deadly sins; greed, gluttony, slothfulness, lust, pride, wrath, and envy. We have included a range of criminals, from Al Capone to OJ Simpson. Most of these cases are from the United States. In all but one of the seven, the accused was convicted of some or all of the charges. Many do not realize that even if pleading guilty, having a defense lawyer is still very important.


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