DUI First OffenseIn Pennsylvania, a conviction for for a first offense DUI can carry a one year license suspension as mandated by PennDot.  But is there a way out of this one year suspension?  The short answer is ‘maybe’.

A Pennsylvania suspended license, especially for one year, is enough to cripple anyone who needs to support a family, attend school every day, care for loved ones, etc.  I guess the powers that be in PA took this into account when they enacted the godsend that is 75 Pa.C.S.A. Sec. 1553 (18)(d.1) which allows for an Occupational Limited License to be granted to those convicted of a first offense DUI after they have served 60 days of their one year suspension.

Here is an example of how it would work.

  1. Lets say a person gets a DUI in Hatboro, PA and blows a .13.
  2. They are not eligible for ARD.
  3. There is a plea of guilty to the DUI which carries a one year PA drivers license suspension and that person serves 60 days of the suspension
  4. They then contact a Montgomery County DUI lawyer (since the offense occurred in Hatboro) and have him or her file a petition for an Occupational Limited License, or OLL.
  5. When granted, the OLL will allow the driver to drive between home and work (as well as any “business related driving”), home and school, and for scheduled or emergency medical treatment.

Hey, its not the greatest but at least it affords those convicted of DUI to keep moving on with their lives as opposed to being of prisoner in their own home or enslaved to those who have to drive them around for a year.   Good luck and stay safe.

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