Habitual License SuspensionAs a Pa Drivers License Lawyer, I represent a lot of people who have gotten tickets for 75 Pa.C.S.A. 1543(b) – Driving While Suspended – DUI Related.  The ‘DUI Related” part means that the drivers suspension was caused by a conviction for DUI, a chemical test refusal, or for operating during an ARD mandated license suspension.

When a license is suspended for one of these reasons the stakes go high – way high.  If convicted, the driver will lose his license for one year AND serve a 60 to 90 day jail term.  Not good.  With the heightened awareness of the DUI suspension most people know to stay off the road if they are serving one.  But consider the following scenario:  A license is suspended for DUI.  The operator turns in their license and serves the year like they are supposed to.  But they don’t pay their restoration fee, probably because they just forget to or are unaware that its time for them to do so.   Months, or even years, go by and the operator drives believing their license is good.  One day they get pulled over and are told by the cop their license is suspended.  And it is. because they never paid their restoration fee.

Now, here is the problem.  Even though the driver served their year, the fact that their restoration had never been paid has kept them suspended.  Not only that, but it is a DUI Related Suspension.  And jail time is in the offing.  I have been a Montgomery County DUI Lawyer for years and I can tell you the rule, quite simply, is this: If the driver never gets his or her license restored from a DUI, that person stays DUI suspended in perpetuity until they get properly restored.  It can be years and years and if the driver is never pulled over they never know.  Until its too late.

As a PA Traffic Ticket Lawyer and, I can tell you that police generally do not treat the DUI suspended driver with a lot of sympathy.  But there are defenses.  Most people, when they get a ticket as described above regard it as unfair and feel as if the wool has been pulled over their eyes.  Well, one can feel that way but contacting a Pennsylvania suspended license lawyer should be what one does when they are done cursing their bad luck or how crazy they think the law may be.   Stay safe.

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