Sex Crimes

After the Montgomery County District Office withdrew prosecution of their case against former Montgomery County Republican party chief Bob Kerns, the PA Attorney General’s Office has decided to open their own investigation of Kerns, who was originally charged at the county level with raping an unconscious victim, raping a substantially impaired victim, and sexual assault. […]

In another case of truth being stranger than fiction, last Friday the Canada Supreme Court upheld the conviction of man convicted of sexual assault for poking holes into his girlfriend’s stock of condoms and then impregnating her when, predictably, one of those condoms failed.  This ruling settled a long running case that raised questions on […]

Megan's Law in PA

Not quite.  Previously under Megan’s Law in Pennsylvania, when an individual was convicted of a sex crime, he or she would be required to register as a sex offender. The sex offender’s name, age, physical description, street address, and a description of the offense was published to a public forum (such as a website) so […]