ARREST ME IM IRISH With St. Patty’s Day coming up on March 17, so will the time honored tradition of overflowing bars ( the irish call them “pubs) and green beer.  Truth be told it is a lot of fun when done in moderation.  A little beer.  Some corn beef and cabbage – and hopefully a lotta laughs.  So let’s take this time to send out a reminder that underage drinking on St. Patrick’s Day is still illegal for those under twenty-one.

It seems that police around the Main Line, West Chester, Philadelphia, and many other areas throughout Southeastern PA are cracking down on underage drinking  just a little bit more each year.  It would then stand to reason that the big drinking days throughout the year would draw a lot of attention to the young people looking to celebrate.  And it does.  So when the kids start to flock to the Erin Pub in Villanova, P.J. Whelihans in Blue Bell, and of course the Irish Pub in Philly, as well as all the other spots for big Irish fun along the Erin Express, remember this:

An underage drinking conviction will:

1.  Suspend a young person’s driving privileges in PA  for anywhere between 90 and 2 years,

2.  Carry a large fine,

3.  Create a record of the conviction that will need to eventually have to be expunged.

And if that young person is drunk and unruly enough they can actually get arrested and thrown into the drunk tank until they sober up.

So youngsters – be forewarned.  Perhaps if you get that urge to drink – you could eat a potato instead.  It is filled with nutrients and is completely legal.  That said – have fun and be safe this St. Patrick’s day.

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