criminal defenseWhen choosing a criminal defense lawyer, you want an attorney who is actually going to fight for you. While there is a long list of criminal defense attorneys serving the Montgomery County Pa area, you need to know how to choose the best attorney for your specific circumstances. Consider these 7 tips before choosing a criminal defense lawyer:

7 Tips to Select a PA Criminal Defense Attorney

  1. Determine who will handle your case. In many law firms cases are passed to any number of employees who conduct the research and communicate with you. You may not even see the attorney whom you thought you were hiring until the court appearance.  Inexperienced law clerks or other employees may not understand some details that are crucial to your case. At the Law Offices of Basil D. Beck III, your case will be handled by Attorney Basil Beck personally. You will get the personalized service you deserve.
  2. Keep open lines of communication.  Talk to the attorney before hiring him or her and find out the details of how and when you will communicate. While you should not call the attorney’s office every day, if the attorney indicates that the lines of communication are open and to expect regular updates, that is a good sign that the attorney cares about communicating with clients.
  3. Get educated.  An attorney should inform you about laws that are specific to your case and how those laws can impact the outcome.
  4. Get prepared.   A great criminal defense attorney will completely prepare you in advance for each and every step of the legal process of your case.
  5. Develop scenarios and strategies.  A criminal defense attorney should interview all witnesses, research and develop all evidence, develop possible defense scenarios and strategies that support your case.
  6.  Avoid sugar-coating.  Your best representation will come from an attorney who does not make promises that have no guarantee, who does not “promise to get you off” or sugar-coat any of the issues. Basil D. Beck III does not sugar-coat the issues, but will utilize his expertise and years of experience to secure the best possible outcome.
  7. Seek an attorney who will ethically, actively and aggressively represent you.  Passive attorneys who seem to have no genuine interest in your case may prove passive in your defense at trial. Choose a trusted attorney who will get all the facts, present an aggressive case and will seek the best possible outcome.

When you have criminal charges pending, you need an attorney who will demonstrate sincere interest in your case, who will gather all the facts and not sugar-coat details when discussing your case with you. Contact the Law Offices of Basil D. Beck III to see how we can help. 610-239-8870.

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