Drivers License SuspensionThere are so many people out there that have suspended drivers licenses.   Many of them have them are actually eligible to get their licenses restored immediately if only they had the right person giving them advice.   I take the time to write this article because most licenses are not suspended due to being found guilty of traffic violations or DUIs.

As a Pennsylvania suspended license lawyer, I can tell you that most drivers licenses are suspended for unpaid tickets, failure to respond to tickets, failure to take drivers exams, or just the mere failure to pay a restoration fee (a.k.a. stupid stuff).  Of course there are may times when a license is suspended for good reason.  But that does not mean that a PA traffic ticket lawyer who specializes in PA drivers license restoration can’t get your license back for you within a few short weeks or months by having old convictions vacated, new cases dealt with, or obtaining from PennDot a hardship or probationary license to get a driver on the road until he his entitled to a full restoration of privileges.

There are adds out there for “License Restoration Experts” or “Get Your License Restored Today”.  These are usually merely places where you can go to get copies of your driving record and restoration requirements letter.  These people can tell you what you need to do but they can’t do it for you.  For this, you need a lawyer, and the right kind.

A PA drivers license lawyer will:

  1. Get the paperwork you need from PennDot to show you exactly what is suspending you
  2. Review it to see if you can get your license back
  3. Take the appropriate actions with the Courts and/or PennDot to get you the hearing(s) you need
  4. Appeal old convictions
  5. Appear in Court in order to have old conviction(s) wiped from your record and/or defend you from new convictions
  6. Present the proofs to PennDot so they can adjust your record and restore your license.

In short, the PA drivers license lawyer can work with the client, the Courts, and Penndot – together – in order to get driving privileges restored.

Sometimes, a client will get a driving record and think that he will never get his license back only to show it to me, have me go to work on it, and get the license back.  The moral of the story:  If you are trapped without a license and don’t know where to turn, contact an experienced Pennsylvania suspended license attorney.  If they are good, they will do everything for you, including deciphering your PennDot driving record, and in many cases they will get  you back on the road a lot sooner than you ever thought possible.

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