6 Important Criminal Defense Attorney ServicesIf you have been charged with a crime, you will need the criminal defense attorney services provided by a skilled and experienced defense attorney. You will be faced with the efforts of an aggressive prosecutor who is only concerned with winning a conviction. To offset this threat you will need to retain the most skilled attorney who knows his way around the criminal courts and who is knowledgeable about the criminal law you are charged with violating. These are six important services a criminal defense attorney can provide.

PA Criminal Defense Attorney Services

1. The first service is obtaining your understanding about the charges, and then reviewing the evidence against you to determine if it was legally obtained. The attorney will talk with the prosecutor to get a thorough understanding of the charges against you. Your attorney will provide another service by interacting with the prosecutor and the police. If you are in jail, he will work to get bail set at a reasonable amount so you can be released.

2. The next service is determining if there is a reason to believe any evidence was obtained illegally, if it was, then he will attempt to convince the prosecutor to dismiss it. He will challenge search warrants and whether the police had probable cause to commit any steps they took to get evidence. The attorney has probably developed a working relationship with the prosecutor which helps the communication process of discussing illegal searches and inadmissible evidence. There are many police actions which can be challenged by an aggressive and knowledgeable attorney.

3. Next, the criminal attorney will represent you at any preliminary hearing on the charges. This is where your attorney may move to have the charges dismissed if he believes the evidence was illegally obtained or is insufficient to support the charges. If the case is ordered to trial, then your attorney will petition the court to reduce your bail if you have been unable to pay the amount set earlier. He may be able to obtain your release on your own recognizance.

4. If you are ordered to trial, then your attorney will begin to gather information on the witnesses that may be called to testify against you. He will be looking for any problem in their backgrounds which may cause them to be less than credible. He will review statements the witnesses made to the prosecutor or to the police to detect inconsistencies in the statements.

5. Another step involves what may be a chance to plead to a lesser charge which your attorney and the prosecutor have agreed to. This reduced charge may be the best option for you, and its part of the skilled criminal defense attorney services.

6. If your case goes to trial, you can be sure you will have the most skilled and aggressive representation challenging all of the evidence and all steps taken by the police that resulted in the charges. Your attorney will be well prepared to present a very credible case for you that will attempt top establish reasonable doubt about your guilt.

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