The Dangers of Texting While Driving in PA

We all know that texting while driving car is hazardous, to say TEXTING AND DRIVING IN PAthe least.  It takes your eyes off the road and slows the driver’s reaction time.  But a lot of people are unaware that Pennsylvania actually has a ban on texting while driving.  The law prohibits any driver from using an interactive Wireless Communication Device (IWCD) from sending, reading, or writing a text-based communication while his or her vehicle is in motion.  The ban went into effect in March of 2012 and provides the following:

Defines an IWCD as a wireless phone, personal digital assistant, smartphone, portable or mobile computer or similar devices that can be used for texting, instant messaging, emailing, or browsing the internet.

The law is a summary offense and carries with it a $50.00 fine upon conviction and will be recorded on the driver’s license records for commercial drivers.

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