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This is the 5th part of our Step By Step Guide to a DUI The police will attempt to determine blood alcohol level through the use of a breathalyzer that is kept at the police station or through a blood test that is administered at a hospital. A blood test, in addition to revealing a […]

Next Steps Following a DUI Arrest in Lower Merion Lower Merion Township, in coordination with the Pennsylvania State Police, ran a DUI Sobriety Checkpoints on Friday, June 20, 2012, on Belmont Avenue in Montgomery County just off of the I-76 ramp.  This is a favorite location for the police to set up checkpoints and arrests […]

During a DUI investigation, drivers suspected of DUI may be asked to submit to two different breathalyzer tests.  It’s important to distinguish between the two because the purpose for each one, as well as the role they may play in a driver’s prosecution for the offense of DUI, are vastly different. Alco-Sensor vs. Breathalyzer Machine […]