DUI Charge in Montgomery County PAThis is the 4th Step from our DUI Step By Step Guide

If a police officer determines, based on the totality of the circumstances, that there is reasonable suspicion to believe that you are driving under the influence, you will likely be taken into custody. While this is usually not an important stage of the driving under the influence (DUI) or driving after imbibing (DAI) case itself, it is, without doubt, the most intimidating.

If you have been arrested for a DUI/DAI offense, it is important that you have strong defense representation from a reliable Montgomery County DUI arrest attorney. At The Law Offices of Basil D. Beck III, I represent clients throughout the five-county area in all types of DUI/DAI cases.

Understanding Your Rights After a Pennsylvania DUI/DAI Arrest

When an officer suspects someone has operated a motor vehicle after drinking alcohol or ingesting drugs, the motorist will be handcuffed, possibly read his or her rights, and then placed in the back of a police vehicle. His or her vehicle will be towed from the scene. He or she will then be taken to a police station for the purpose of giving the driver a breathalyzer test or to a hospital where the driver will be asked to submit to a blood test.

Keep in mind that, whether you were read your rights or not, you are not required to answer any of the officer’s questions. If you choose to do so, it would be wise to have an attorney there with you if at all possible. I can advise you about your rights and work to see that they are protected from the start.

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