Crime Scene KillingPhiladelphia Highway Patrolman Brian “B-Lo” Lorenzo, a veteran of 23 years on the police force, was killed early the morning of July 8 when his motorcycle collided with a an Audi A-6 operated by John Leck, Jr., of Levittown, PA.

According to reports, Leck’s vehicle was traveling southbound on northbound I-95, when he slammed his car into Lorenzo’s bike  just before the Cottman Avenue exit.  Lorenzo had just completed his shift and was headed home at the time of the accident.  Leck, 48, was charged with homicide by vehicle, DUI, and other related charges.

This is without question a tragedy and should serve notice yet again that drinking and operating a motor vehicle are a dangerous mix.  As a PA Drivers License Lawyer and Criminal Lawyer, Leck faces mandatory state jail time if he is convicted of the homicide by vehicle.  Similar cases have occurred recently in Pottstown, PA and Phoenixville, PA involving much the same sets of facts, with both drivers ending up in state prison.

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