As a Pa. Drivers License Lawyer for over 20 years I have handled hundred of school bus passing cases and with each one I always ask myself “who would intentionally pass a school bus full of kids.  I will say that some do – they are in a hurry, don’t actually see any kids, they figure there is no one around to catch them, etc.  But I have concluded that the vast majority of my clients actually do it by accident, plain and simple.  After all, who would be stupid or callous enough to put children’s lives in danger like that.  In Pennsylvania, the statute is found at 75 Pa.C.S.A. Sec. 3345 – Meeting or overtaking school bus. There are more violations than you think and a review of the enclosed study demonstrates that more education and awareness regarding the school bus law is needed to cut down on the danger posed to children.

There are many areas throughout Illegal Passing of School BusesMontgomery County and Delaware County, like Tredyffrin, Lower Merion, Radnor Twp., Devon, Wayne, and Bala Cynwyd where there are huge concentrations of high schools and middle schools where traveling amongst school buses is a part of life for people who live and commute in those areas.   People should heed a few tips that I have have found helpful when giving talks on how to travel lawfully amongst school buses during the hours where kids are being picked up and dropped off. –  Don’t wait until you see bus lights go red before you stop for it may often be too late – stop when you see the lights at amber; –  When you are driving on a four lane roadway, and the bus is “lit up” on the other side and going the other way – stop anyway even though there may be a median dividing the roadway.   The law provides that you are able to proceed in this situation if there is a “physical barrier” that serves as the road divider.  You, as the driver, may not know what is, or what isn’t, a “physical barrier” within the meaning of the law – so don’t take a chance and stop anyway. –  When you are at an intersection, and there is a school bus with its lights activated or about to be activated, always stop even if you are about to make a turn that will take you in the opposite direction of where the bus is. While safety of school kids is the major concern, driver’s should not lose sight of the fact that if a they receive a ticket for passing a school bus, and are convicted, that PennDot will automatically suspend that person driver’s license for 60 days so if you do get a ticket for passing a school bus you should contact a Pa. suspended license lawyer immediately. So, they are a lot of interests that are served by heeding the Pa. School Bus passing law so let’s all be aware.

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