Field Sobriety Tests in PAWhether a DUI results in a felony or a misdemeanor charge in almost any area will often depend upon the exact situation. Not all DUI situations are created equal, and there is no uniform standard for them in most areas. People committing a DUI will usually have their blood alcohol content examined immediately, which can make or break a case. A DUI in Montgomery County PA could mean different things for different offenders.

DUI Felony or Misdemeanor?

Driving under the influence can cause a person to commit additional crimes, which will affect their charges. People that hurt others during an episode of drunk driving will probably be facing felony DUI charges one way or another. Property damage as a result of drunk driving can also lead to felony DUI charges.

People that simply get pulled over during episodes of drunk driving without causing any additional damage have a better chance of escaping the situation with misdemeanor charges. However, the damage that a person can do while driving under the influence is impossible to predict in advance, and the results of a DUI could go in many different directions. The people that get pulled over early during their drunk driving episodes may be the luckier ones.

A person that has never committed a DUI before is more likely to be charged with a simple misdemeanor. However, if they commit another one during the relevant period, they will face the risk of being charged with a felony.  With DUI charges, police officers will often look at a person’s entire record, which could be a positive or a negative, depending on the person.

People that have been charged with felony DUI violations should do everything that they can to get the best possible DUI attorney. Felonies can change the course of a person’s life. They can affect everything from a person’s future employment opportunities to a person’s educational options. People that don’t get the proper legal defense following felony charges will face prison sentences. They won’t have valid driver’s licenses for a very long period of time after receiving felony DUI charges. Many people depend upon their driver’s licenses in order to earn a living, so a persistent lack of a driver’s license can be devastating for people that are also facing the stigma associated with current and former convictions.

Even theoretically brief prison sentences can feel like they go on for years, and even a few months in prison can change the course of a person’s life. DUI charges can be argued against and reduced, and citizens should use the legal resources that are available to them.

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