DUI_FactsDriving under the influence is an extremely serious criminal charge that can bring chaos to your life. Individuals who are convicted of DUI often have difficulty returning to life as they knew it before they faced an arrest. Often, a DUI arrest is a person’s first issue with the law, meaning they have no reference for what they’re about to endure with the criminal justice system. Unfortunately, DUI is one of the most common charges in Montgomery County, PA and many people are confronted with the possibility of hefty fines, incarceration, driver’s license suspension, and probation.  To heighten awareness about DUIs in Montgomery County PA and the surrounding areas, here are “3 DUI Facts You May Not Have Known.”


  1. You do not have to actually be driving a car to be convicted of drunk driving.

To be charged with a DUI in Pennsylvania, a person must be merely in control of the vehicle.  What this means is that you can be convicted of DUI if you’re parked alongside the road with your keys in the ignition and the engine running. Or, you can be convicted of a DUI while sitting in your house after driving a vehicle if the police have evidence that you were driving it while under the influence minutes earlier. This fact demonstrates that not only is driving under the influence a risk to yourself and others but that you’re not out of the woods if you make it home safely. If you have been drinking, there’s never a good reason to get behind the wheel, and you should always assign a designated driver or call for a ride home.

  1. You have no right to refuse a breathalyzer or blood test after being arrested for DUI.

While an individual does have the right to an attorney upon being arrested for a DUI, they do NOT have the right to consult an attorney before submitting to a chemical test.  While the cop advises the motorist that he has no right to refuse the chemical test, this notion runs against a person’s instincts to not give evidence to a police officer after they’ve been read their Miranda warnings. Any person who refuses the test will lose their Pennsylvania driving privileges for 12-18 months. If you’re arrested for DUI in Pennsylvania, your best course of action is to submit to the breathalyzer test and then contact a trusted attorney as soon as possible. Even if you’ve been drinking and driving, a credible attorney might be able to create a strong case in your favor for a plea agreement. 

  1. A person does not actually have to be high on drugs to be convicted of DUI.

The Pennsylvania DUI statute says that if a person has trace amounts of an illegal drug like marijuana in their bloodstream, they’ve violated 75 Section 3802 (d)(1)(i). This statute states that a person does not have to be under the influence of an illegal drug – they simply need to have the presence of the drug in their system. For example, if an individual who was arrested for a DUI used marijuana three days ago, they can be rightfully charged with a DUI if the drug shows up on a blood test. Any time you question the validity of a drug test or do not get the results you were hoping for, you should contact an attorney with experience handling DUI cases, who understands the science behind the various BAC tests you may be subjected to during an investigation.

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