Celebrity DWI arrested and chargedKatrina Darrell, who famously auditioned in her bikini for the American Idol TV show in 2009, was arrested for DWI in Los Angeles last night while her mother was seated in the front seat next to her.    Police apprehended her after she ran a red light and smashed into another car while fleeing from police.  She reportedly failed field sobriety tests and the breathalyzer readings were .15 and .17.  That’s pretty high.

This happened in California but had it happened in Pennsylvania, Ms. Darrell would be looking at charges of DUI, Damage to Unattended Vehicles, Duty to Render Information and Give Aid, and Fleeing and Eluding Police Officers.  Altogether, if found guilty, the DUI-related penalties would include a one-year loss of license and 48 hours in jail for the DUI, a six-month loss of license for the Damage to Unattended Vehicles, and a one-year loss of license for Fleeing And Eluding.  Very bad.  Big trouble.   Now, if Ms. Darrell didn’t have a police record, she would be eligible for the ARD program but probably would not be admitted due to the aggravated nature of the crime.

Drinking and driving charges as well as associated DUI penalties are harsh.  Even the “stars” can’t escape them.

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