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5 Questions To Answer When Handling A Bench Warrant In Montgomery County, PA

When you have received a bench warrant and you reside in the Montgomery County, PA area, you may be confused about what is supposed to happen next and you may also be operating with faulty information in mind. Let's take a closer look at some helpful information and useful tips.

What's a Bench Warrant?

A bench warrant is issued by a judge from Montgomery County, PA in a number of different cases. If you are a defendant in a criminal case, you will typically receive a bench warrant and these warrants are also issued to those who receive traffic tickets. It is an arrest warrant and it should be treated with the appropriate level of seriousness.

What About More Serious Criminal Cases?

A bench warrant can also be issued during serious criminal cases that take place within the region of Montgomery County, PA. However, a failure to appear in court that leads to the issuing of such a warrant does not mean that you will be woken up to the sound of the police shattering your front door with a battering ram. It is important to note that your name is entered in a statewide computer database and the entire law enforcement

community is made aware of your crime.

What Happens Once My Name Is In The Database?

Once your name has been entered in the database, you are at risk of being taken into police custody at any moment. Let's say that a bench warrant has been issued and you get into a car accident in Montgomery County, PA. Even if the car accident is 100 percent attributable to the other party involved, you will be placed in handcuffs and taken into custody once your name has been run through the system. Outstanding bench warrants are taken with the utmost level of seriousness.

What Are My Options If I'm Taken Into Custody?

Your options once you are taken into custody are actually quite simple. You are required to post the required amount of bail in order to be released and the bail for a bench warrant is designed to cover various fees and charges associated with your case. The fines and court costs for your case are considered and from there, you will be assigned a new date in court if your warrant was issued for a failure to appear.

Can I Get My Bail Money Back?

This depends on whether the bail was posted before a missed court date or if you had a good reason for missing court. While your money is typically forfeited in most instances, there are a few judges out there who might be willing to listen to your story and provide you with leniency. Having an experienced lawyer by your side during these instances always makes a world of difference.

Contact a Lawyer As Soon As Possible

Once you have been made aware of your bench warrant, it is time to contact a lawyer who can assist you during the legal process. They are able to answer any and all questions that you may have and when you are in need of legal advice, it is in your best interests to contact them immediately.

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