traffic lawMost people who find themselves in traffic court promise the court they won’t do it again, and more than likely get tapped within a few months if not weeks, from the time they were jailed the first time. However, with new laws and initiatives filling the ballots in the upcoming midterm elections, especially for the use of medical marijuana, driving under the influence is about to get a boost into courtroom drama like none other. Hire an attorney before going to court.

There are going to be cases of police officers stopping citizens who are within their legal rights, who will be tagged for DUI and those who seek legal counsel will be the ones to truly win their freedom. However, here are some great services that traffic lawyers provide.

9 Reasons To Hire an Attorney

  1. Availability 24/7 – Lawyers understand that life doesn’t stop for you when they leave their office. Having a lawyer who can answer your questions whenever they arrive is critical.
  2. Breathalyzers – You still have the right to refuse and having a lawyer to back you up sure makes going before the judge a whole lot easier.
  3. Depositions – This is a fancy word that simply means the law wants your side of the story. They are always recorded, but what you might not know, is that the law does not have the right to question you without a lawyer present.
  4. Travel Traffic – If you’ve ever been pulled over while traveling, you’ll know that the fines for traffic violations outside your residential state skyrocket and what are the chances you’ll take it to court? Let a traffic lawyer do your fighting for you.
  5. Accidents Happen – One of the worst scenarios I could ever imagine being involved in, is a case where a car accident becomes a fatal car accident. Having a lawyer at your side to walk you through a possible vehicular homicide case isn’t just good sense, it’s life saving.
  6. Repeat Offenders – Habits can be extremely hard to break, whether it’s buying a soda at the local gas station when you fill up, or driving under the influence. Hiring a traffic lawyer who knows the law and the court system could mean the difference between months and/or years behind bars.
  7. Bus – Stop Violations-Do both side of a four lane road have to stop when a bus stops? Failing to obey the law, however poorly it’s written, in a school or bus zone can triple your fines. Let a lawyer talk them down a bit for you.
  8. Driving Without Insurance – Carry your proof of insurance with you. Hire an attorney about how to get forgiveness for forgetfulness.
  9. The Rolling Stop – I loathe this violation. I, thankfully have never been stopped for this, but what truly constitutes a stop? Let a lawyer argue whether inertia is enough to warrant a full stop or not.

Whether you got snagged for a light traffic violation or something much more serious, there’s never a time when hiring a traffic lawyer is a bad decision. Call yours today and see how much easier your life can be! 610-239-8870.

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