DUI ArrestDriving while intoxicated or driving under the influence carry serious penalties. Many states, including Pennsylvania, enforce strict laws against drivers who drink and drive. If you are charged with a DUI in Montgomery County, you need to contact a DUI lawyer and find out what rights you have. There are at least 7 ways a Montgomery County PA DUI lawyer can help you.

7 Ways a Montgomery County PA DUI Lawyer Can Help 

  1. You may not know the law, but a DUI lawyer does. The lawyer knows precisely when and when not you can be charged or arrested for DUI. Having a knowledgeable lawyer on your side makes a difference in whether or not you go to jail, pay a fine, or beat the charge.
  2. A DUI lawyer can help you keep your drivers’ license. If you performed a sobriety field test, and it came back under the legal limit for intoxication, your attorney can help you keep your license from being suspended or revoked. Having your license suspended may create a hardship for you and prevent you from getting to and from work. Saving your license is a plus.
  3. The attorney can help you avoid jail time. Chances are the attorney can probably negotiate a fine and court cost in lieu of you going to jail. Spending time in jail could be bad for you if you drive for a living, or if you cannot miss too many days of work. Jail time is a big deal because many persecutors want DUI drivers behind bars.
  4. Your attorney can avoid you getting a criminal record. A DUI is a serious offense, that usually carries a criminal charge, depending on the circumstances. If you were involved in an automobile accident, ran a stop sign, or failed to stop at a railroad crossing, the attorney can probably work out a deal where criminal charges might not be applied to your license or driving record.
  5. A DUI attorney can contest a breathalyzer test if it was given improperly or forced. All officers are not trained to use a breathalyzer machine. If there is any suspicion of a faulty reading, the attorney can contest the results.
  6. The attorney can ask the court to dismiss the case and enforce an alternate program. Sometimes attending an ARD or an Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition will satisfy the court. Alternative driving programs are available for most drivers.
  7. An experienced DUI attorney can get the charges on your record expunged. Having a clear driving record opens the door for more opportunities. There may be a fee to pay to have the charge removed, but in the end, it is worth the money.

Hiring a DUI attorney to represent you in a DUI case is vital. Hire an attorney with courtroom, and trial experience. Knowledge is everything. Not knowing the law is dangerous.

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