The holiday season is definitely here, this will be your great time to relax, unwind and have fun with friends and family. While having fun, it is going to be your responsibility to stay safe, away from any accidents, and incident.

How to Avoid a DUI in PA

Stay Close
The best way to avoid the DUI charges is to have fun close to your place, this means if you can have a couple of beers and wine at a joint close to your home then you are going to be safe. If you can have the same amount of fun just a few steps away from your home, you will be able to walk any time of the day.
You will have avoided the DUI charge by walking from the club or the joint to your home.

Do Not Drink and Drive
The other way to stay away from the DUI charge is avoid drinking and driving afterwards. You can go to places prepared to drink and use other means of transportation like the subway trains or the taxi. This is the safest way to get home safe and avoid any chances of interacting with the authorities on any level.
Make sure you park your car in a safe place and take the taxi.

Do Not Drink
If you are sure that you are going to get in trouble with the police, then you do not have to force yourself to such situations. You can choose other drinks that are non-alcohol and have fun with friends and family, club soda can be an amazing choice for you this holiday season.

Move the Party
If you have that urge to have more than enough beers or wine where no one is going to limit you, then you may choose to move the party to your home.
This is going to be and safest place to have as much fun as you want where you will not be entitled to drive anywhere. Friends and family too will be in a concentrated place away from any chances of DUI charges.

Find a Designated Driver
There is always an option, and that is to find a designated driver, who will be able to drive you from point A to point B. Look for a friend who loves to have fun and your company but does not drink alcohol and he or she is comfortable to drive you home anytime.

Drink to Your Limit
Everybody knows their drinking limit, do not embarrass yourself, and drink enough alcohol that will not affect your judgment on the road.
The drinking limit will help you stay away from DUI charges, as you will be able to take the breathalyzer or any other traffic police test without impaired judgment.

Sleep First
If in the situation where you are alone and you notice that you had more than enough alcohol, you are allowed to park your car away from the highway.
Switch off the ignition key, put the car keys in your pocket then jump on the back seat of your car and sleep until you feel you are less intoxicated.
This way you will have avoided any possibility of DUI charges even if the authorities find you at this position.

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