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Juvenile Offenses
If you or your child has been received a juvenile petition charging them with a crime— before you do anything else — speak to a Montgomery County PA Juvenile Lawyer with experience helping minors in the Montgomery County juvenile justice system. Call 610-239-8870 or contact me today for a free and completely confidential evaluation. I look forward to hearing about your situation and helping you successfully deal with juvenile criminal charges.

The Pennsylvania Juvenile Justice System — Geared Towards Rehabilitation Not Punishment

Unlike the adult criminal court system, the juvenile justice system in Pennsylvania is geared toward rehabilitation. The goal is to nip small problems in the bud – before they become big problems. Therapy, counseling, drug treatment, community service and diversionary programs are often available to young people who want to avoid a trial. But it is unlikely that you can take advantage of these without a qualified juvenile lawyer by your side!

Children are not found “guilty” of a crime as a juvenile. Rather, they are found to be “delinquent.” When a juvenile crime is charged, a petition, not a criminal complaint, is filed. Typically, there is an informal intake conference. The minor and his parents often first meet with a probation officer or other member of the juvenile justice system to discuss alternatives to a trial.

Alternatives to a trial are:

  • Informal Adjustments –  This is where the Montgomery County Court takes no formal action against the juvenile but merely monitors the case for a period of time;
  • Consent Decrees – This is where the Montgomery County Court places the child on a term of probation.  If the child completes its successfully the petition will be dismissed entirely and the child will be eligible for a complete expungement of their arrest record;
  • Expungement -  Because it is so critical for juveniles in Montgomery County to have clean records as the start their journey through life, your Juvenile Lawyer must work hard, whatever the outcome of the case may be, to make sure the child is eligible for an expungement after a predetermined time once the case is over.

At the Law Offices of Basil D. Beck, we defend clients against all juvenile crimes, including:

Whatever charges you are facing, or your child is facing, juvenile lawyer  Basil D. Beck III will work to resolve the charges as quickly and effectively as possible. In any juvenile case, our firm works to protect the juvenile’s rights and promote his or her future well-being.

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