PA Drivers License Recall for Medical Reasons

PA Drivers License Recall for Medical Reasons

Drivers License Recall Medical Attorney

  • Did your doctor file a report stating that you had a medical condition, such as diabetes or epilepsy, which affects your ability to drive safely?
  • Was your driver’s license recalled by PennDOT for medical reasons after you were in an accident or stopped for a moving violation?

If you face a recall of your driver’s license due to medical problems, or your driver’s license has already been cancelled, call me at 610-239-8870 or contact my Norristown law office.  I serve all of Southeastern PA including Montgomery, Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Philadelphia, Lehigh, Lancaster, and Berks Counties.

I am Basil D. Beck III. I concentrate on helping my clients fight traffic tickets and solve other problems that interfere with their ability to drive in Pennsylvania. I can help you explore options for keeping your license or getting your license back after a PA medical recall.

Helping You Successfully Navigate a PennDOT Driver Medical Evaluation

As an experienced defense attorney, I am intimately familiar with PennDOT’s driver safety requirements. Moreover, I know how to satisfy those requirements. I can help you navigate the sometimes-complicated process of a driver safety evaluation.

I work with your primary care physician, as well as a large network or medical specialists to help make sure you can keep or regain your license after a PennDot medical suspension or recall for medical reasons. In many cases, if you can show that you have corrected or controlled your medical condition by medication, surgery or other treatment, it is possible to get your license back (or have a restriction removed).

Conditions Related to PennDot Medical Driver’s License Recall

Medical conditions that physicians often report as affecting driving ability include:

  • Unstable or brittle diabetes or hypoglycemia
  • Heart disease-causing lack of coordination, confusion or fainting
  • Epilepsy or other conditions causing loss of consciousness
  • Dizziness or vertigo
  • Mental disorders causing delusions or hallucinations
  • Loss of the use of a joint, arm or leg
  • Vision problems (poor eyesight)
  • Use of drugs or alcohol which impair skill or functions
  • Other conditions likely to impair the ability to control and safely operate a motor vehicle

PennDOT’s evaluation is performed under the supervision of their Medical Advisory Board. The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) relies upon physician reporting to identify medically impaired drivers and patients who are at risk of unsafe driving due to a medical condition.

When PennDOT receives a report, they begin an evaluation process. Depending on the information they receive, they may add or delete restrictions on the person’s driving license, recall the driver’s license, restore the license, ask for more specific medical information, request a driver’s examination, or take no action.

For experienced help with your PennDOT evaluation process related to a medical condition, contact us. Our firm works hard to help drivers retain their license after a medical recall.

For more information, read the following brochure from PennDOT:

What to expect when my medical condition has been reported to PennDOT?

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