Schwenksville Criminal and DUI Defense

Schwenksville Criminal and DUI Defense

If you have been arrested for a criminal charge in Schwenksville, you may a skilled and experienced Schwenksville criminal defense lawyer. Maybe it would just be easier to plead guilty and accept whatever deal the prosecution offers you.

In most cases, that is a bad decision.

The consequences of a criminal conviction are harsh, including steep fines, probation and even jail time. Even if the police seem to have a strong case, an experienced defense lawyer can use proven legal strategies to help you pursue a favorable outcome. I have the necessary experience to help you win your case. I am here to help.

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Arrested for DUI in Schwenksville?

Shwenksville, a borough in Montgomery County, is home to parks, nature trails, bars and restaurants, and busy streets patrolled by police officers. If you have been arrested for DUI or another serious traffic offense, it is important to have a knowledgeable Schwenksville criminal defense lawyer on your side.

Schwenksville Facts

Magisterial Justice
Albert J. Augustine
District # 38-1-24
840 Harleysville Pike, Suite 2
Harleysville, PA 19438
Telephone: 610-584-4732, 4746
Fax: 610-584-4751
8:00 – 4:00 (Office Hours)
8:00 – 4:00 (Open to Public)

Landmarks Major Roads Police Force Did You Know?
Rolling Turf Golf Course, Pennypacker Mills County Park, Keelys Church Cemetery Gravel Pike, Park Avenue, Smith Road, Perkiomen Avenue, Centennial Street Shwenksville Boro Police Department, Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office Shwenksville was founded by George Shwenk, whose son served in George Washington’s Army

Montgomery County DUI Defense Lawyer

If you have been arrested for DUI/DAI in Schwenksville, it is important to take quick and decisive action. If you wait too long, evidence that may help your case can disappear. The prosecution is already busy mounting an aggressive case against you to ensure you receive the harshest penalties available under the law.

However, an experienced defense lawyer can help you counter its strategies. As I work with you, I will listen closely to gain a full understanding of your situation. With a full understanding of your case, I will work to counter the strategies of the prosecution and help you avoid the consequences of a criminal conviction.

Skilled Montgomery County Defense Lawyer

I handle a wide range of criminal defense matters, including defending minors against charges of underage drinking and other violations. Whether you are facing criminal charges for the first time or have a prior conviction, I know how to protect your rights against charges.

I will work with you closely to achieve the best possible outcome by listening to your concerns, understanding the situation, handling any issues that arise and creating a defense strategy that suits your needs.

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