Experienced Levittown PA Lawyer

Experienced Levittown PA Lawyer

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If you have been arrested for a criminal charge or given a ticket for a traffic violation in Levittown PA , I can offer you over 20 years of criminal defense in the areas of DUI, Retail Theft, Drug Charges as well as expert representation in all areas of PA traffic law and drivers license suspension.  I am an experienced lawyer who has tried hundreds of cases in the Districts Courts of Levittown, PA and the Bucks County Court of Common Pleas.  My initial consultations are free and I give you as much time as you need to flesh out and understand all aspects of your case.

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Have You Been Charged With DUI in Levittown?

Levittown, a community in Bucks County, is home to the Bucks County St. Patrick’s Day Parade, lakes, numerous bars and restaurants, and busy streets patrolled by police officers. If you have been arrested for DUI/DAI in Levittown, it is wise to consult with a knowledgeable defense lawyer.

Levittown Facts

Magisterial Justice
Senior Judge
District # 07-1-08
2661 Trenton Road
Levittown, PA 19056
Telephone: 215-946-5450
Fax: 267-885-1670



Landmarks Major Roads Police Force Did You Know?
Van Sciver Lake, Levittown Public Recreation Park, Queen Anne Plaza Shopping Center Oxford Valley Road, New Falls Road, Levittown Parkway, Mill Creek Parkway Falls Township Police Department, Tullytown Boro Police Department, Bucks County Sheriff’s Office Levittown was constructed in 1952 by Levitt & Sons, who are often referred to as the creators of the modern American suburb

Fighting DUI Evidence in Levittown

Much is at stake in a DUI case. You not only face criminal consequences, but may lose your driver’s license for a significant period of time. As your defense lawyer, I will work quickly and proactively to protect your driving privileges so that your lifestyle and livelihood are not hampered. I am an accessible and effective legal representative for drivers in license suspension matters.

Bucks County Criminal and DUI Defense Lawyer

I handle a wide range of criminal defense matters, including defending minors against charges of underage drinking and other violations. Whether you are facing criminal charges for the first time or have a prior conviction, I know how to protect your rights against charges.

I will work with you closely to achieve the best possible outcome by listening to your concerns, understanding the situation, handling any issues that arise and creating a defense strategy that suits your needs.

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If you have been arrested for DUI in Levittown PA, you face serious consequences. For a free consultation, please contact my Norristown, Pennsylvania, office at 610-239-8870. As an experienced Levittown  DUI defense attorney, I will provide the strategic advocacy and dedicated service you need and deserve.