Darby Criminal and DUI Defense

Darby Criminal and DUI Defense

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How can a criminal arrest in Darby, Pennsylvania, change your life? If you fail to mount an effective defense, you could face fines, probation, community service and jail time. Additionally, you could get a black mark on your criminal record could hamper your ability to get a job, apartment or educational opportunities.

As an experienced criminal defense lawyer, I understand the stakes you are facing, and I am prepared to help you achieve a favorable outcome. By applying proven defense strategies, I have helped numerous clients avoid the consequence of a criminal conviction.

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Charged With Drunk Driving in Darby?

Darby, a borough in Delaware County, is home to the country’s oldest public library, a rich history and a number of restaurants and bars. Police in Darby patrol the streets looking to make arrests for drunk driving and other traffic violations. If you are facing DUI charges in Darby, it is important to have an attorney on your side who knows the local jurisdictions and how to effectively get results.

Darby Facts

Darby Borough
Magisterial Justice
Tammi Forbes 
District # 32-2-37
150 S. MacDade Blvd. Suite E
Darby, PA 19023
Telephone: 610-534-3504
Fax: 610-534-0714

Darby Township
Magisterial Justice
Honorable Steven A. Sandone, Esquire
District Court #32-2-40
11 Bartram Avenue
Glenolden, Pennsylvania 19036-1802
Phone: 610-583-6646
Fax: 610-583-1197

Landmarks Major Roads Police Force Did You Know?
The Darby Free Library, Holy Cross Cemetery, Cobbs Creek MacDade Boulevard, Springfield Road, Island Avenue Darby Borough Police Department Legendary entertainer W.C. Fields was born in Darby in 1880

Delaware County Drinking and Driving Defense Lawyer

A successful DUI / DAI defense depends upon a thorough investigation of the facts and tenacious application of proven DUI defense strategies. In defending your rights, we can attack the initial arrest, the field sobriety test results, the breath test results, the blood test results and other elements of the stop, arrest or prosecution. Every case is different. I will work with you personally to understand your situation and craft a legal plan that suits your needs.

Experienced DUI Attorney

I handle a wide range of criminal defense matters, including defending minors against charges of underage drinking and other violations. Whether you are facing criminal charges for the first time or have a prior conviction, I know how to protect your rights against charges.

I will work with you closely to achieve the best possible outcome by listening to your concerns, understanding the situation, handling any issues that arise and creating a defense strategy that suits your needs.

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