Criminal Attorney Montgomery County PA

Criminal Attorney Montgomery County PA

Montgomery County Theft Attorney

Are you are facing theft charges? Contact the Law Office of Basil Beck to speak with the top qualified criminal attorney in Montgomery County, PA. You’ll find Attorney Basil Beck to be among the most experienced and skilled defense attorneys in the state for Pennsylvania, and every bit qualified to protect your rights.

Shoplifting Charges

If your case involves shoplifting or stealing, your arrest and prosecution may depend on eyewitness testimony, fingerprints and security video footage, however, all of the evidence against you can be questionable, regardless of what police may have told you at the time of your arrest. If you’ve been arrested for theft and would like the advice of a theft lawyer, there is no one better qualified to speak with than Attorney Basil Beck.

Attorney Beck will not only investigate the evidence that is against you, he will also examine the conduct of the police who were involved. It is vital in determining how the crime scene was handled and whether or not a police interrogation was an assault on your rights. In his years of practicing law, Attorney Beck has found that eyewitnesses are often unsure of what they actually saw, especially from a distance or at night.

Your next move should be to call an experienced criminal attorney in Montgomery County, PA. Attorney Basil Beck provides clients with a free consultation that is confidential and does not obligate you in any way. The Law Offices of Basil Beck represents clients who are charged with:

– Stealing

– Shoplifting

– Robbery

– Identity Theft

– Access divide fraud

– Bad checks

– Theft by deception

– Credit card theft

– Breaking and entering

Seek Professional Counseling

It’s essential that you avoid talking to the police until you have secured the counsel of an attorney and have received advice. You may be surprised to learn that most arrests for theft do not take place during the theft or the robbery, but only after police are led to a suspect at the direction of a witness or through recovering footage from a security camera. If a search warrant is obtained and a search of your home or vehicle has taken place, it’s best to say absolutely nothing, even in the event of an arrest, until your attorney is present.

While it is almost impossible to talk your way out of an arrest, providing the police with an alibi or information may contradict what they have already collected. Information that you provide to the police may be used at a later date to undermine your credibility during a trial.

As your criminal attorney in Montgomery County, PA, Basil Beck has the negotiation skills necessary to determine a favorable outcome with regard to your charges. With his assistance, the prosecution may reduce the charges against you or recommend a lesser sentence to the court. Basil Beck will serve as your defense and advocate, protecting your rights and freedom.

Contact the criminal defense attorney in Montgomery County, PA who has more than 20 years of experience in his corner. Basil Beck has represented people accused of crimes for two decades and understands how the criminal court system works. Call his office today at 610-239-8870 for professional counsel. Criminal Attorney Montgomery County Pa