Best Defense Lawyers Montgomery County PA

Best Defense Lawyers Montgomery County PA

Are you Facing Multiple Counts of DUI?

If you have been convicted of multiple DUIs you may be facing any of a number of legal consequences. You’ll need the best defense lawyers in Montgomery County, PA to protect your rights and help you avoid penalties that may be incurred; contact the Law Office of Basil Beck.

For more than 20 years, attorney Basil Beck has worked helping clients throughout all of Pennsylvania obtain hardship licenses, even in cases where the client assumed they were not eligible. If that’s you, don’t just assume that you won’t be able to obtain a hardship license for your particular circumstances, instead contact Attorney Beck to schedule your free consultation by calling 610-239-8870. There’s never been a better time to determine your eligibility for an Occupational license or a Probationary license.

Suspended License due to DUI

If your driver’s license has been suspended and you’re in a position where you need it to be restored, you may be eligible for a PA Hardship License. This license was formerly known as the ‘bread and butter’ license, but now it exists in only two forms. Once your license has been suspended, there are two types of licenses that you and your attorney may apply for:

·         The OLL, or Occupational Limited License is for anyone that has been convicted of a DUI. Before you can be eligible for the OLL, you must have served a specific term of your DUI suspension. If your application is approved by PennDot, you will be able to drive to and from work and/or school, as well as for specific medical purposes. Hiring the best defense lawyers in Montgomery County, PA can help your eligibility for the OLL.·
·         The PL or, Probationary License is for those who are facing multiple PennDot term suspensions. Like the OLL, before you can be eligible for the PL, you must have served a portion of your suspension. If your driving record shows that you have years of suspension left and are in immediate need of relief from your suspension, you’ll want to apply for the PL. It’s important to understand that only the best defense lawyers in Montgomery County, PA will be able to deliver favorable results.

Reinstate your Suspended License

Basil Beck is the PA driver’s license lawyer you’ll want in your corner when it comes to avoiding harsh penalties due to multiple suspensions or prior DUIs. Attorney Beck understands how devastating it can be to lose your license, especially when you have family members who are depending on you as a provider in the household.

If you have a current suspension on your driver’s license, or you have received a notification that your PA license has been suspended, call Attorney Beck right away at 610-239-8870. His office also handles all tickets carrying point violations as well as appeals from PA traffic court convictions.

Call now and request your free consultation to determine the course of action Attorney Beck will take. You couldn’t be in better hands. The fact is, Basil Beck is among the best defense lawyers in all of Montgomery County, PA. Call now for prompt action. Best Defense Lawyers Montgomery County Pa