Best Defense Attorney Montgomery County PA

Best Defense Attorney Montgomery County PA

Reckless Driving Charges in PA

Are you facing reckless driving charges in the state of Pennsylvania? Illegal street racing, racing on highways, reckless driving and several other similar charges can cause a lengthy suspension of your PA driver’s license. In fact, the PA Department of Transportation issues six-month driver’s license suspension notices to all parties who have been cited with such involvement.

You do not have to be sitting in the driver’s seat to lose your license. Did you know, bystanders and spectators watching or participating in any way during an illegal street race can receive admin suspensions from the state due to recent crack downs, especially around Philadelphia? If you’re facing a reckless driving charge, call on the best defense attorney in Montgomery County, PA.

Is Drag Racing Unconstitutional?

Attorney Basil Beck represents drivers and other involved parties who have received suspension notices due to drag racing and similar violations. As it is the belief of Attorney Beck that portions of this law are unconstitutional, his office is committed to providing vigorous defense for drivers in criminal and admin license suspension matters. If you would like legal representation to challenge a license suspension, please call 610-239-8870.

Free Consultations

Basil Beck offers free initial consultations for drivers who are interested in contesting their suspension in the Philadelphia metropolitan area. If you depend on your driver’s license to provide for your family, you’ll need the best defense attorney in the Montgomery County area to fight for your rights.

If you’re searching for a lawyer who makes it his business to be highly accessible to answer questions and respond to your legal needs, consider calling the Law Office of Basil Beck. Attorney Beck handles suspensions concerning:

  Drag Racing: Mandatory 6 months of suspension unless you hire the best defense attorney in Montgomery County, PA whose expertise and skill can help you avoid penalty.

  Careless and Reckless Driving: If you’ve been charged with careless or reckless driving and are worried about how the charge is going to affect your driving record and insurance premiums, call 610-239-8870.

  Breathalyzer Refusal: Regardless of whether you submitted to or refused a breathalyzer or chemical test, it’s essential that you contact an attorney who can explain your rights and ensure that you are protected.

  Leaving the Scene of an Accident: Leaving the scene of an accident, often referred to as a hit and run, is a very serious matter that can bring criminal charges.

  DUI: The Law Offices of Basil Beck offers experienced DUI defense in Montgomery County and beyond. For all clients, Attorney Beck seeks to obtain an acquittal. If guilt is not the issue, he will work to obtain the best results possible for your case.

Call the best defense attorney in Montgomery County, PA for professional counsel with regard to your charges. For a free consultation, call 610-239-8870 or fill in the contact form online at 

You’ll receive a prompt reply.

Best Defense Attorney Montgomery County Pa