Best Criminal Lawyers Montgomery County PA

Best Criminal Lawyers Montgomery County PA

Juvenile Lawyer in Montgomery County

Are you looking for a juvenile lawyer? If your son or daughter has been arrested for drug possession, assault, or any other juvenile crime, make sure you call the best criminal lawyers in Montgomery County, PA to handle the case. If you or your child has received a juvenile petition charging a crime, before you do anything else, call the Law Office of Basil Beck at 610-239-8870.

You should know that the Pennsylvania Juvenile Justice System is geared toward rehabilitation, not toward punishment. Unlike the adult criminal court system that seeks punishment for crimes, the juvenile system in Pennsylvania seeks to rehab before issues become bigger problems in a young person’s life. That’s why therapy, counseling, drug treatment, community service and other diversionary programs are made available whenever possible, especially for those who want to avoid a trial.

Guilty vs. Delinquent

It is essential that you understand that children are not found guilty of a crime as a juvenile, rather they are found to be delinquent. For this reason, when a juvenile crime is charged, a petition, not a criminal complaint is filed.

It’s during the petition that an intake conference is scheduled for the minor and his or her parents to meet with a probation officer, or another member of the juvenile justice system, to discuss alternative options to a trial. Some alternatives may include:

 –  Informal Adjustments: The Montgomery County Court will not take a formal action against the minor but instead will monitor the case for a specific length of time.

–  Consent Decrees: The Montgomery County Court will place the child on a term of probation. Upon the successful completion of the term of probation, the petition will be entirely dismissed and the minor will be eligible for a complete expungement of their arrest record.

–  Expungement: Recognizes the critical element for minors to have clean records as the start of their journey through life. This is where the best criminal lawyers in Montgomery County, PA can make a difference in the outcome of a case. At the Law Office of Basil Beck, we make sure that the minor is eligible for an expungement after a predetermined time.

Attorneys fighting for Juvenile Rights

The Law Office of Basil Beck will work tirelessly to defend clients against all juvenile crimes, including DUI, underage drinking, retail theft, juvenile delinquency, simple assault charges, rape or sexual offenses, drug charges and possession, traffic offenses, truancy and school issues and more.

Whatever the charge(s) that you or your child is facing, juvenile attorney Basil Beck will work to resolve matters as quickly and effectively as possible. Call the best criminal lawyers in all of Montgomery County today at 610-239-8870. In all juvenile cases, our firm works to protect the rights of the minor and promote his or her future well-being.

Call today for a free case evaluation to determine the best course of action. If you have questions and concerns, it’s critical to discuss the case with legal representation that offers the experience and skills you’re looking for. Best Criminal Lawyers Montgomery County Pa