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Have you been accused of violation of your probation? You may need the assistance of the best criminal attorneys in Montgomery County, PA. Hiring an experienced probations violation lawyer can greatly improve your chances of a favorable outcome.

Call the Law Office of Basil Beck today at 610-239-8870 if you have any questions regarding probation violations and how to resolve them. Attorney Beck will be glad to provide you with a free and confidential consultation when you call. He’s also help you to successfully deal with your probation violations charges in one of two ways:

- By negotiating your release with the District Attorney and your probation office
- By aggressively defending you against the charges in a formal probation violation hearing

With years of experience and hundreds of courtroom appearances, Attorney Beck can protect your rights if you’ve been charged with violating the terms of your probation. Through experience and knowledge, Basil Beck understands how to approach the court, how to ask for leniency and in helping you avoid additional legal complications that so often are associated with violating probation.

It’s essential that you understand, if you are in jail for a Montgomery County probation violation, you will not be able to post bail or bond. In almost all cases where the accused has violated probation during the period of probation, their probation office will place a detainer that results in remaining in jail until the hearing. Since violations of probation are not bondable offenses, you will not be able to get out by posting bond.

This where having a strong advocate on your side can benefit you. Probations officers are seldom willing to serve as an advocate on behalf of a defendant, however, working with the best criminal attorneys in Montgomery, County, PA can very often result in a release. Attorney Beck will use his considerable criminal defense experience to work with your Probation Officer to secure a favorable result.

Violating the terms of your probation can involve any of the following:

- A new arrest
- Failure to report to your PO
- Drug possession or drug use
- Absconding supervision
- A positive drug test
- Keeping company with known felons
- Drinking or patronizing a bar or liquor store
- Purchase or possession of a firearm
- Loss of a job
- Use of a computer, if restricted

It has been the experience of Attorney Beck that judges and probation officers are not interested in hearing excuses, as they are forced to hear them day in and day out. Trying to talk your way out of jail will very likely result in you facing a judge and jail time- the very thing you are seeking to avoid. In cases such as these, only the best criminal attorneys in Montgomery County, PA can make a difference.

Call The Law Office of Basil Beck at 610-239-8870 today for legal representation that may mean the difference between jail time and a lesser sentence. If your freedom matters to you, contact Basil Beck right away. Best Criminal Attorneys Montgomery County Pa
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