Best Criminal Attorney Montgomery County PA

Best Criminal Attorney Montgomery County PA

Arrested and Charged with Weapons Violation

Have you been arrested and charged with weapons violation? If so, you’ll need the best criminal attorney in Montgomery County to handle your case. Contact the Law Offices of Basil D. Beck III to handle your case.

In many weapons cases, alleged offenders are simply lacking the resources to investigate and identify their defense. It may turn out to be an expired registry case or being unaware they were even carrying a concealed weapon.

In some cases, police enforcement officers violate the rights of citizens during a routine search and they unlawfully seize a weapon. The Law Office of Basil Beck knows how to investigate serious weapons offense cases. Attorney Basil Beck III offers experienced and result-driven advocacy and is very successful minimizing charges and penalties in weapons violation cases.

Knowing your Rights

Protect your rights by calling the best criminal attorney in all of Montgomery County at 610-239-8870. The Law Office of Basil Beck III provides experienced, strategic, and aggressive representation that is focused entirely on protecting your rights.

In the event that a weapon has been used to commit a crime, or if you were in possession of a gun at the time of a crime, you may be facing severe and impacting penalties. The aggravation of weapons involved adds enhancements to your sentence.

The possession of a handgun at the time of the crime will have a significant effect on a sentence. Carrying a weapon while committing a drug crime, sex crime, or an assault may mean a severe prison sentence without the representation of a skilled attorney.

Attorney Basil Beck is experienced in weapons offense cases that involve:

– Concealed Weapons

– Aggravated Assault

– Deadly Weapons

– Firearms Possession

– Failure to Register a Weapon

– Felon in Possession

– Drug Charges

– Sex Crimes and more.

Weapons Charges and Sentencing

It’s important to know there is mandatory sentencing in weapons cases. Charges that involve weapons can carry severe penalties that include both mandatory sentencing and jail time.

If you’ve been charged, or you are under investigation for a weapons offense, make sure you protect your rights by calling the best criminal attorney in Montgomery County at 610-239-8870. As your lawyer, Basil Beck will begin an immediate investigation to identify every potential defense with regard to your case.

Don’t take chances when it comes to your future. Attorney Beck knows the law and the court system and understands when your case can be plea bargained. He also knows when and when not to take a case to trial. Basil Beck will be the aggressive advocate on your behalf, working tirelessly to minimize penalties or charges in your case.

When it comes to your weapons charge, you’ll need the advice and representation of the best criminal attorney in Montgomery County, PA. Call now for a free consultation to discuss your case with Basil Beck. Failure to secure proper legal counsel will most likely result in an outcome that is less than favorable.

Visit to read through real testimonials from clients who called the Office of Basil Beck during what was for them, just like for you, one of the most critical times of their life. When experience and skill matter most, call 610-239-8870.

Best Criminal Attorney Montgomery County Pa